Women’s Hair Thinning Treatments Brisbane

Women’s Hair Thinning Treatments Brisbane Before

Women’s Hair Thinning Treatments Brisbane Before

Here we have another example of how addressing the symptoms and causes by using a natural hair thinning treatment, can achieve positive results and prevent hair thinning in the future. This client was showing signs of thinning in the typical areas and was concerned about it. Diagnosis with the microscope showed her hair cycle was not functioning as it should and there were vellus and transitional hairs present, which is a sign of pattern thinning.

Our aim was to prevent the hair thinning from worsening. During consultation, we discussed health and lifestyle and this client was very aware of health and acid-alkaline balance, evening creating her own wholefood meals. When an individual is already healthy, simple hair washing regimes are all this is needed to make a difference for hair thinning treatments. We put in place a treatment plan for four months to perform the hair thinning treatment from home, three time a week.

Women’s Hair Thinning Treatments Brisbane:

  • Four months
  • pH testing
  • Alkalising
  • Basic Hair Washing Regime
  • Hair Cell and Hair Cycle Treatments
  • Pattern Thinning External and Internal
Women’s Hair Thinning Treatments Brisbane After

Women’s Hair Thinning Treatments Brisbane After

After four months, we tracked with digital images, these showed that we had not only stopped the hair thinning but also had regrown hair in the concerned areas. Happy with this results, this client is now following a maintenance plan for another four months. All Absolique treatments are catered individually to your concerns and health, and they will become more manageable and even second nature after the first four months.

Remember, hair thinning is not related to age, directly. This story we have shared is that on a healthy woman in her early 70s. For more information about Women’s Hair Thinning Treatments Brisbane please contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Brisbane and feel free to share your hair loss or hair thinning concerns. Email Absolique Trichologist Brisbane at infor@absolique.com.au or call or helpful reception team on (07) 3229 3242.

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