Trichologist Brisbane and Safe Hair Care Products by OWAY

Trichologist Brisbane and Safe Hair Care Products by OWAY

Trichologist Brisbane and Safe Hair Care Products by OWAY

Here at Absolique Hair Health Clinic and Trichologist Brisbane we are super excited to be happy to introduce OWAY our new Safe Hair Care Products. If you know us already, you would know our focus is all about natural hair loss treatments to help with your hair growth when dealing with scalp conditions, hair loss and hair thinning. Safe hair care has always been our focus but we have left hair care in the hands of your own professional stylist until now. Since our move Absolique Hair Health Clinic is now a Total Hair Care and Scalp Treatment Clinic, we can now prescribe your entire hair and scalp care for the greatest outcomes and to balance our all new safe hairdressing services, hair rebuilding treatment, safe colouring products, hair additions for hair loss and scalp treatments alongside with our very own hair loss and scalp treatments that we have always worked with.

One of the things we love about OWAY hair care products are the organic and biodynamic ingredients. This hair care range is different from any other, it is healthier, natural, rich in active ingredients and finally free from any chemicals. Which makes OWAY healthy for our bodies and increases well-being and quality of life. At Absolique Hair Health Clinic we have the same philosophies which is a driving force behind all of our hair loss products, safe hair care products, scalp treatments and specialised hairdressers for hair loss services.

Trichologist Brisbane and Safe Hair Care Products by OWAY:

  • Hair care products formulated to the highest quality
  • Rich in active ingredients, pure essential oils from the heart of the plants
  • The key to effective cosmetic hair treatments and to guarantee nourishment, protection and safe hair care are butters and emollients of vegetable origin
  • Improving hair structure with each application with blends of phyto-proteins
  • Protect and help make healthy hair over time also natural boosters to add shine
  • Biodynamic plants grown, extracted and micronized at Ortofficina guarantee utmost concentration of active ingredients for safe scalp treatments and hair care products

With OWAY they have stepped it up in the world or hair care products by eliminating SLS/SLES, parabens, PEGS/PPGS/BGS, mineral oils, artificial colourants and synthetic fragrances from all their formulas in the hair care range, scalp treatment range and hair colour ranges. Hair care by OWAY is sensational with multisensorial elements as active ingredients and natural fragrance, synergies based on biodynamic, organic, botanical and ethical active principles. They believe that every humble ingredient can make a massive difference. For this OWAY have chosen for their products to use plants originating from ethically managed crops, produced by 486 communities in the Brazilian Amazon, Australian Aboriginals and populations from Indochina and Africa.

OWAY offer professional hair colour, hair care products, hair treatments, scalp treatments with organic and biodynamic ingredients. OWAY believe our planet deserves to be saved and respected and chose to reduce the impact by providing responsible hair care products and packaging. If you are looking to detox your life from harmful ingredients that do effect your health, OWAY hair care products are a good choice with organic and biodynamic ingredients the will not harm your health but also deliver a multisensational experience when using the hair care products which creates a positive feeling. Let yourself be seduced by the beautiful blends of essential oils, phyto-proteins and nourishing butters.

For more information about Trichologist Brisbane and Safe Hair Care Products by OWAY and any of our new hair care services in our new and exclusive private hair salon, please email Absolique Trichologist at and feel free to find out more about our new safe hairdressing service on our main website here You can also call Absolique reception team on 07 3229 3242 for any further information.

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