Topical Hair Loss Treatments Brisbane

Topical Hair Loss Treatments Brisbane

Topical Hair Loss Treatments Brisbane

Like any kind of treatment, you do you must stick to the desired plan of treatment, with hair loss treatment its four months to truly see any results. The first four months of treatment there is a lot of ground work going on, it is not advised that you take any kind of break from your hair loss treatment in the first four months. Taking a break from the treatment will affect your results, it is very important that you really look into your lifestyle and holiday plans for the upcoming four months to make sure that you can put 100% into the treatment to get the results.

If you ever feel like it would be difficult to stick to the plan while you travel or are staying as a guest somewhere, please contact us here at Absolique we can suggest how to make your hair loss treatment plan work for you during that time. If you ever find yourself considering starting a hair loss treatment plan, always keep in mind your holidays and any plans coming up. Sometimes it is best to postpone your hair loss treatment for a few weeks and start the hair loss treatment post holidays, we always feel rehabilitated and determined to make optimistic changes after holidays.

Topical Hair Loss Treatments Brisbane:

  • The first four months of hair loss treatments are not flexible
  • Consider any plans or holidays when starting hair loss treatments
  • Flexibility comes in the maintenance hair loss treatments
  • With individual hair loss treatment plans, ask us at Absolique we are happy to help

It all becomes a lot easier and flexible with the maintenance hair loss treatment. You can afford to alternate your suggested hair loss treatment with suggested basic topical hair loss treatment to fit in with your plan if you are following your maintenance hair loss treatment plan. Building the foundation of hair growth happening in the first four months, going for further improvements or maintaining the results will happen after that. The discussion of this would have been made at your check-up appointment after four months.

If you are well beyond the first and second four months of hair loss treatment, simply stick to the basic topical hair loss treatment short term without any doubts of losing the results you have achieved. Once things have returned back to normal the key is to get back to your individual hair loss treatment program. If you have any questions about your recommended hair loss treatment plan, or to share your story and get your own hair loss treatment plan, please contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Brisbane team on 07 3229 3242 or send an email to Absolique Trichologist Brisbane at

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