Thinning Hair Brisbane and Keratin Hair Straightening

Thinning Hair Brisbane and Keratin Hair Straightening

Thinning Hair Brisbane and Keratin Hair Straightening

One of many fibrous structural proteins in the hair naturally is keratin. This keratin protein helps protect epithelial cells from stress or damage and is insoluble in organic solvents and water. Also, keratin is the main structural component that makes up the outer layer of human skin. Keratin in human hair is the main component and contains water, lipids, traces of mineral elements and melanin. Resembling a rope keratin is organised within the cortex of the hair. Due to the rope like way keratin is organised in the cortex the hair is very strong which makes keratin an essential protein component of our hair structure.

Natural hair keratin cannot be recreated by doing a synthetic keratin hair straightening. We need to understand this is a fact. Knowing the science allows us to understand how natural keratin is formed, so we know how to recreate with other molecules and with most cases of cosmetic products, these synthetic molecules cannot recreate what is formed naturally. Ingredients in keratin hair straightening may no longer contain the dangerous ingredient formaldehyde, but, coating is the action these other keratin ingredients have on the hair.

Thinning Hair Brisbane and Keratin Hair Straightening:

  • The main component of human hair is keratin
  • Natural hair keratin is not recreated by keratin hair straightening and relaxing
  • Using keratin hair straightening will result in coating the hair
  • Coating damaged hair with keratin can cause breakage

Keratin hair straightening coats the hair. Doing this the idea is to coat the hair to smooth the cuticle which in turn should smooth damaged hair and relax curly hair temporarily. This coating restricts the hair from its natural elasticity, the ability to stretch and return properly. Hair breakage can occur when there is no elasticity, no moisture and the hair is porous and not growing properly.

Keratin hair relaxing is an ideal answer for naturally curly, wavy and difficult to control hair. Nevertheless, the power of keratin hair straightening has been overpromoted and the actual effect on the hair has been overlooked. If you think about the fact your hair is not growing properly, you may have thinning hair, or the structure has changed, trying to control the flyaway damaged hair with a coating that could break already damaged hair thus doing more harm than good.

If you have noticed a change in your hair and results from keratin hair straightening and keratin hair relaxing, they may not be suitable solutions. Please don’t turn to keratin straightening if you have had hair loss or are experiencing hair thinning. With a correct diagnosis we can help you repair the hair from the inside out naturally. For more information about Thinning Hair Brisbane and Keratin Hair Straightening or to find out if your hair problems may have another cause that has not been uncovered contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Brisbane. Email Absolique Trichologist Brisbane to share your hair concerns at or call our helpful reception team on 07 3229 3242.

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