Kendall Absolique Trichology

MEET Kendall

Receptionist / Assistant Trichologist Brisbane

Kendall has had a passion for hair from the age of 13. She started her hairdressing career as a school based apprentice at 15 years old. 10 years later, Kendall decided to take a break from working in hairdressing salons surrounded by chemicals. This is when she found Absolique Hair Health Clinic and what she describes as a ‘wonderful company that specialises in hair loss and scalp conditions’. She is thrilled to continue working in the hair industry using her hairdressing expertise to help Absolique clients.

Kendall said ‘What I really like about Absolique is that we all believe in a holistic, chemical free lifestyle and health comes first. I’m enjoying learning more about hair, health and nutrition and I am thankful to be working with a fantastic team where we support each other in many ways’.