Irene Absolique Trichology

MEET Irene

Receptionist / Assistant Trichologist Brisbane

Always having a passion for creating, Irene started her career in the Hair and Beauty Industry at the age of 18 and developed a strong interest in Trichology early on in her apprenticeship. It was shortly after starting her apprenticeship that Irene suffered from contact dermatitis from the chemicals she was exposed to in the salon on a daily basis. It wasn’t until after the skin problem had cleared up that Irene vouched to live a chemical-free life as best she could.

In 2016, Irene was ready to put down her scissors and found Absolique. She was excited when she realised that she shared many of the same philosophies as Absolique and is “extremely grateful to be surrounded by a like-minded team that support each other and their clients and to be working for a company where you never stop learning how to be a happy, healthier you”.