Men's Hair Loss

Men’s Hair Loss is a health problem and misinterpreted for typical Male Pattern Thinning.

Male Pattern Hair Loss or Male Pattern Thinning is clinically called Androgenic Alopecia (AGA) also known as Alopecia Androgenetica, is the most common cause of Hair Thinning in Men. This is not actual Hair Loss.

Male Pattern Hair Loss has a classic pattern of Hair Thinning and eventually, Baldness. Hair Thinning occurs in a well-defined ‘typical’ pattern of Hair Thinning. Pattern Hair Thinning can occur anywhere above the temples, at the recessions, through the top and at the crown of the scalp or in a combination of locations. 

Diffuse Hair Loss may be temporary and self-correcting, or may require professional intervention to stop the Hair Loss and assist in the return of a normal hair cycle. When you add hereditary Pattern Hair Thinning to the equation, the resulting Men’s Hair Thinning and Men’s Hair Loss can be dramatic and quick.

‘Diffuse Hair Loss’ and ‘Telogen Effluvium’ are common types of Hair Loss that can speed up male pattern thinning, due to a combination of Hair Loss and Hair Thinning at the same time.

Diffuse Hair Loss is a shedding of hairs over your entire scalp (not in patches, patterns or typical areas), and will result in more hairs (200 plus) falling or shedding, than normally expected in your individual daily hair cycle.

The general rule of thumb is that Hair Loss and Hair Thinning can be effectively treated anywhere the hair is still growing. If the follicle is open it is possible to regrow hair.However, the longer the Hair Loss or Hair Thinning is left untreated, the more chance the follicles will close as the DHT will eventually completely cut off the blood supply to the hair bulb. Once the follicle has closed, the hair bulb is dead and cannot be restored.

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