Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

Laser creates energy. The diodes on a laser have a wavelength and this can help differentiate between a therapeutic laser from a medical laser. When combined with Hair Loss Treatments and Hair Thinning Treatments, laser is therapeutic. With therapeutic laser, the energy is generated at cellular level and this can facilitate cellular energy, healing and circulation.

On its own, laser therapy is not a Hair Loss Treatment. All symptoms and causes should be addressed at the same time, and treated with Combination Therapy. To address all symptoms and causes, a correct diagnosis with Trichologist Brisbane is recommended. Alone, you may not receive any benefits of laser energy, however it will not cause any harm.

Laser Treatment for Hair Loss:

  • Should only be used with Combination Therapy
  • 690-1000nm (nanometers) for Therapeutic Laser
  • Not visible to the naked eye
  • Do your research before buying gimmick lasers

Do your research before purchasing a laser, if it sound like it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Brisbane Trichologist, Carolyn Evans-Frost has worked with, tested and trialed different lasers for over a decade and is very familiar with specific requirements for therapeutic laser treatment . The less amount of laser diodes, the more affordable the laser (which requires increased usage time). Using a gimmick laser will be a waste of time.

Absolique Brisbane, use and recommend Versacchi HairBeam. “We have seen results time and time again with HairBeam laser treatment in combination therapy.”

For more information on Laser Treatment with Hair Loss Treatments and Hair Thinning Treatments, contact Absolique Brisbane.


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