New Absolique Scalp Treatment Services

As Absolique Trichologist I am so excited to be moving into our new premises and have access to our new hair clinic with basins, so we can offer hands on scalp treatment services. When you are first diagnosed with a scalp condition and have seen it firsthand under our 60x magnification microscope, the initial reaction is to start treatment right away. We will now be able to offer this service to begin stabilising your scalp in clinic and then offer home treatment recommendations.

Once the scalp condition is diagnosed we can offer a treatment plan and create the base of scalp cleansing in clinic, depending on the diagnosis. Hand on initial treatment by hair specialists to help you deal with the first step in scalp treatment can deliver instant relief and confidence to perform the scalp treatment at home as recommended. Some scalp conditions may require consecutive in clinic visits to get things under control. We will always advise the best options to suit your individual needs.

New Absolique Scalp Treatment Services:

  • New hands on scalp treatment services
  • First step in scalp treatment can deliver instant relief
  • Confidence to perform the scalp treatment at home
  • May require consecutive in clinic visits to get things under control
absolique scalp treatment services

Absolique are always researching and developing products and services to help our clients in need. Our main driver for product development is when we find there is nothing available to deliver our intended result. One of the missing elements we have continued to find is a safe scalp exfoliant. Our Scalp Brush Therapy and Absolique Scalp Cleanser are a good general formula; however, it does not suit all scalp conditions. Sometimes we need to be more specific to safely exfoliate the scalp in preparation for further scalp condition treatment and commonly to prepare the scalp for safe hair loss treatment.

Absolique to the rescue, we have developed our very own purpose developed Scalp Scrub which will dissolve stubborn scalp scale without the need for harsh rubbing or any harmful ingredients. It can be used as a scalp soak because of its gel base, so it won’t feel rough on or scratch the scalp as is not like a typical scrub. We will use our new scalp scup as the initial scalp treatment to teach you how to use it and create a safe base along with homecare recommendations. Testing and trailing were completed early 2018 with significant and impressive results to move forward to manufacture requirements and hope to have this exciting new scalp scrub available to coincide with our new Absolique Hair Health Clinic and Total Hair and Scalp Care Services.

To end on an exciting note, OWAY have a range of scalp products that we will be trialling, and let you know our thoughts and hope to have many more individualised options available for all stubborn scalp conditions soon.


Please note – Absolique Hair Health Clinic have a strict Booking Deposit & 48 Hour Cancellation Policy. Deposits are required as confirmation for appointments and a minimum of 48 hours is required for cancelling/rescheduling all appointments. Please contact reception for more information.