Hairdressers Specialising in Hair Loss Brisbane, Total Hair and Scalp Care Services

Hairdressers Specialising in Hair Loss Brisbane, Total Hair and Scalp Care Services

Hairdressers Specialising in Hair Loss Brisbane, Total Hair and Scalp Care Services

Here at Absolique Hair Health Clinic we have introduced New Total Hair and Scalp Care Services that are specially designed for our clients and future clients we have yet to meet and help with their scalp concerns, hair loss and hair thinning, we can now also be your hairdressers specialising in hair loss. Our trichologist has 30 plus years of knowledge in the hair industry including hairdressing, trichology, hair replacement, hair extensions, hair loss treatments and scalp care and with all this knowledge and experience she has created services to help with everyone’s needs in the best way possible.

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With our current team at Absolique whom are all passionate, qualified hairdressers, we have combined all this experiences and knowledge in the hairdressing industry to offer the safest and best scalp and hair advise, hair treatment and service, alongside with individual microscopic understanding of your hair or scalp concerns.

Hairdressers Specialising in Hair Loss Brisbane, Total Hair and Scalp Care Services, Absolique Hair Health Clinic:

  • To suit individual hair stand structure safe hair colouring services have been designed
  • To help you through hair loss, hair thinning and scalp concerns safe hairdressing services have been introduced
  • To help you manage hair breakage and also enhance hair condition while working on the main cause of hair cell breakdown a Hair Repair services is available
  • To help you feel and look yourself while the new hair grows to the desired length a Hair Enhancement services (safe hair extensions) has been created
  • When dealing with patchy hair loss and hair thinning a Hair Replacement services to help you feel good
  • The Laser hair loss treatment is not a standalone service – its effective, safe and affordable, adds energy towards your other hair loss treatments

To suite any requirements you might have with how you manage your hair at the beginning of your hair loss treatment and throughout your hair regrowth journey our new services are designed to suit those needs. The new very specific scalp treatment services that we are very excited to offer as it is designed to deliver quicker and better relief from many scalp conditions that we found hard to help due to our past office situation.

The new services we offer are aligned with our new and exciting retail hair care, professional hair colour range and hair repair service. The company we have chosen to work with is OWAY, they have provided us with these products as they agree with the philosophy, standards of holistic and safety that we believe in. We are going as far as to say the OWAY helps lead the way ecological innovation and us here at Absolique are thankful and happy to be working with them follow where they take us in the future of hair care.

Safety, service care and products are the most important topics for us here at Absolique. Your hair care needs will only be met with our qualified hairdressers at Absolique that understand your individual concerns you have with your hair, anxiety triggered though hair loss with just brushing your hair. We understand and get it, we are here to help you though the difficult time and here to make you feel good about your hair while working on addressing the causes alike and your symptoms.

Creating a personal hair plan unique to you, the offering of a complimentary 15 minute in clinic or phone consultation is available, having you 100% confident with the service you will receive when you come in for your hair appointment is something we drive for. Please keep in mind that all consultations and hair services cannot be achieved on the same day, due to our private clinic environment. All Bookings are essential. For more information about Hairdressers Specialising in Hair Loss Brisbane, Total Hair and Scalp Care Services, drop Absolique Trichologist Brisbane an email at or check out our new services on our website or call our helpful reception team on 07 3229 3242, happy to help you with any hair needs you have.

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