Hair Loss Treatment Brisbane with Vitamin C Book Review

Hair Loss Treatment Brisbane with Vitamin C Book Review

Hair Loss Treatment Brisbane with Vitamin C Book Review

The Essential Guide Vitamin C written by Phillip Day and Nicholas Cockayne. Review by Absolique Hair Health Clinic team member Kendall Wright, edits by Hair Loss Treatment Brisbane.


The Essential Guild Vitamin C is a descriptive but easy to follow handbook with a lot of credible information that I wasn’t already aware of. Whenever I think of Vitamin C, I think of oranges, but that is just the beginning. The writers explain what Vitamin C and how much is adequate, the controversy, diseases and questions behind the research.

An essential nutrient for sustenance, Vitamin C also helps to prevent illness and can fight disease, like scurvy. Vitamin C is necessary in our daily diets, as our bodies cannot produce it on its own however, even though we cannot create it, Vitamin C does compensate by having red bloods cells uniquely designed for absorption of the vitamin itself.

Hair Loss Treatment Brisbane with Vitamin C Book Review:

  • A nutrient essential to human beings
  • Cannot be created by humans
  • Aids in the prevention of illness and disease
  • Collagen enhancing

Most commonly known to be found in citrus fruits like oranges, did you know Vitamin C is available in other foods like capsicums, kiwifruits, dark leafy greens, blackcurrants and rosehip for example? This can make creating healthy, interesting meals that are rich in the nutrient so easy! However, just remember that applying heat destroys the actives present in Vitamin C, which means we lose many of the essential nutrients. Straight out of the mouths of the experts ‘fresh is best!’ A study made where an orange was left in bowl for two weeks, researchers had found that the orange had actually lost HALF of its Vitamin C, just by sitting there!

Vitamin C also helps strengthen our cardiovascular system, this can prevent heart disease, where unfortunately 1 in 2 people are effected. Even with a correct high in Vitamin C, it can still be compromised by stress or ailments and can increase the adrenalin production within our body. If you are pregnant, unwell, or injured, you will automatically require more Vitamin C, so next time I feel unwell I will be sure to increase my Vitamin C intake but eating nutrient rich foods or bumping up my supplement dosage, instead of going straight to the chemist for medication.

As told by Dr Klenner, the therapeutic dosage of Vitamin C is 350mg/kg/day in divided doses. Another disease that is aided by Vitamin C in large amounts is cancer, as it strengthens the immune system and provides a large amount of pain relief, as well as strengthening the collagen which keeps healthy cells together and prevents the growth of an existing tumor.

My conclusion is that I would highly recommend The Essential Guild Vitamin C, to everyone. I have enjoyed reading about the benefits of Vitamin C that I can implement into my lifestyle, to keep myself healthy. Please contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic for more information about Vitamin C Book Review with Hair Loss Treatment Brisbane or information on our trusted Vitamin C supplements. Call us on 07 3229 3242 or email Trichologist Brisbane at

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