Hair Additions, Hair Extensions for Volume with Trichologist Brisbane

Hair Additions, Hair Extensions for Volume with Trichologist Brisbane services

Hair Additions, Hair Extensions for Volume with Trichologist Brisbane

It brings me great pleasure as Absolique Hair Health Clinics Resident Trichologist to offer a specialised service in the field of hair extensions or hair additions for volume. Over my 30 plus years in the hair and health industry I have worked with safe hair extensions for hair breakage and thinning hair and have created a method that helps add volume and thicker looking hair while recovering from hair thinning, hair breakage or hair loss in conjunction with hair loss treatments at Absolique.

With thinning hair, it may need to be camouflaged from hair loss or a bald patch, hair additions, safe hair extensions for volume could be an option. The hair additions hair extensions for volume with Trichologist Brisbane are designed for short term use of approximated six to twelve months, while Absolique Trichologist works with you to attend to the root cause of the hair loss or hair thinning with a holistic approach hair loss treatments. In some rare cases the hair extensions for volume may need to be used as a long-term solution if the follicle is damaged or there is permanent hair loss.

Hair Additions, Hair Extensions for Volume with Trichologist Brisbane:

  • Customized hair extensions for volume
  • Hair extensions for volume helps fill out thinning hair
  • Disguises bald patches and alopecia areata
  • Human hair and matched to your hair colour
  • Option, hair extensions for volume can add safe hair colour highlights

The hair additions hair extensions for volume service is personally designed to suite your hair type, your hair colour and hair growth. We only use quality human hair that has been treated, which means prescriptive hair care products are needed to ensure they last. The hair extensions are reusable and can last up to six to twelve months if properly maintained and depending or the individualised situation of the hair and scalp. A maintenance regime is highly recommended to keep them in place and in good condition, which involves removing, cleaning and reapplying them every six to eight weeks. We will provide you with details about timing and the pricing at your complementary consultation for the hair additions for hair volume.

We can form a plan at your complimentary 15-minute in clinic or phone consultations where we will discuss placement for the best results, to colour match, quantity and pricing with the average service having approximately five additions required at $30 each hair addition hair extension for volume. Please note that the complimentary 15-minute consultations cannot be done on the same day as the hair additions service due to our private clinic environment. Bookings are essential, to make your appointment call the Absolique Brisbane Clinic on (07) 3229 3242 or if you have any further questions about Hair Additions, Hair Extensions for Volume you can email our resident Trichologist Brisbane at Head over to our website for more information about the other service we provide

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