DHT and Hair Thinning Brisbane – High or Low is not the problem

DHT and Hair Thinning Brisbane - High or Low is not the problem

DHT and Hair Thinning Brisbane – High or Low is not the problem

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) has received a bad reputation but in fact, is not what it is made out to be when it comes to hair thinning. All of us have DHT and we all need it, it is vital for our integumentary system, which is our skin system. Without it, we would not survive, it helps with body homeostasis.

Pattern thinning is not caused by high or low levels of DHT, but by what triggers it. The triggers will allow DHT to bind in the pattern thinning areas only. So, the problem is not the DHT alone, the problem is also the triggers causing the DHT to do something that it is not created for. The triggers are hereditary, hormones, environmental and free radical effect.

DHT and Hair Thinning Brisbane – High or Low is not the problem:

  • We all have and need DHT
  • DHT is not a hormone on its own
  • DHT has a major role in our integumentary system
  • High or low DHT is not the issue
  • The problem is what triggers the DHT to bind

2% of Testosterone is converted by 5-alpha-reductase to DHT; this is the basic chemistry that happens inside every human. High natural testosterone will not influence the production of more DHT, and low natural testosterone could inhibit conversion of DHT, which could affect other systems within the body, as a result.

Although there is a relationship between DHT and pattern thinning, this is not the same as hair loss. I have seen many DHT show results that are within range, and that it is not concern. A lot of the time, the real problem is the hair cell and hair cycle are not functioning correctly. DHT can bind to a cell that is unable to protect itself at the time of cellular dysfunction.

Respect your DHT, it is important for many processes within your body, just remember the triggers; environmental, free-radical effects, hereditary, and hormonal. Absolique Hair Health Clinic can help you protect your body DHT binging and from free radical effect by using natural and safe antioxidants nutritionally and as a topical hair loss treatment. Email Trichologist Brisbane for more information on DHT and Hair Thinning Brisbane at info@absolique.com.au or call our reception team on 07 3229 3232.

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