Carolyn Evans-Frost – Hair Loss Treatments Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic

Carolyn Evans-Frost

Trichologist, Absolique Hair Health Clinic Brisbane

Carolyn Evans-Frost –  Absolique Hair Health Clinic owner and Trichologist, has been in the hair industry for near 30 years and has been practicing Trichology for 25 years.

Carolyn has completed formal training and had further experience in the fields of Trichology, Hairdressing, Hair Replacement, Hair Laser Therapy, Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology and Natural Therapies. Carolyn is passionate about Natural Hair Loss Treatments and is constantly updating her knowledge do deliver the best information and results.

Carolyn has compiled all of her knowledge and put it into practice at Absolique Hair Health Clinic. She prides herself on sharing real information and education about ‘Healthy Hair’ and the ‘Truth about Hair Loss’. She is passionate about hair and uses unique microscopic technology to deliver accurate diagnosis of men’s and women’s hair loss and scalp conditions.

Carolyn has successfully helped many women and men understand their hair loss and put them in charge of hair re-growth and prevention of further hair loss.

Absoliques' approach is Holistic, we specialise in Natural Hair Loss Treatments and always address all symptoms and causes. As well as researching the best hair loss treatments and diagnosing Hair Loss and Hair Thinning, Carolyn has a passion for research and real results, and has designed her own product range; Absolique, to clean and prepare the scalp prior to natural hair loss treatments.


Carolyn Evans-Frost, Trichologist Brisbane

Carolyn Evans-Frost Certified Thrichologist

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