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    Carolyn Evans-Frost

    Trichologist Brisbane

    Carolyn Evans-Frost Certified Thrichologist


    Absolique Hair Health Clinic Brisbane can help you with Microscopic Diagnosis and Trichology Consultation Services for your individual Hair LossHair Thinning and Scalp Conditions performed by Trichologist Brisbane (Brisbane Hair Loss Specialist), Carolyn Evans-Frost, to offer effective solutions for your concerns.

    Absolique Trichologist Brisbane has experience in Hair Science, Human Science and Nutrition and will share with you the importance of addressing all Symptoms and Causes of Hair Loss, Hair Thinning and Scalp Conditions in Combination Therapy with consideration of all contributing factors. Absolique Hair Health Clinic Brisbane Hair Loss Specialist Trichologist can help you with:

    • Hair Loss
    • Hair Thinning
    • Hair Breakage
    • Alopecia
    • Scalp Conditions
    • Trichotillomania

    We have all the answers, information and solutions for your individual Hair Loss, Hair Thinning and Scalp Conditions. We’ll share the Truth about Hair Loss, the Science of the Hair & Scalp and set you on a path of Health and Healthy Hair.

    Absolique Hair Health Clinic choose to be Chemical Free and do not use or recommend any products that could cause side effects.

    What is a Trichologist? A Trichologist is a hair specialist who is qualified and has studied the science of the hair and scalp called Trichology. Trichology is the branch of medical and cosmetic study and practice related to the hair and scalp. Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist Brisbane Carolyn Evans-Frost is a clinical Trichologist and has been practising Trichology in a clinical environment with a holistic approach for over 15 years. With a further 7 years in the hair replacement industry learning, researching and studying various hair loss treatment techniques, with a total of over 30 years in the hair industry. Absolique Trichologist Brisbane has also undertaken many further studies to complete her holistic (whole body) understanding and approach to diagnose and treat all types of hair loss, hair thinning and scalp conditions.

    More about Absolique Hair Health Clinic:
    • Resident Trichologist - Hair Specialist
    • Microscopic Diagnosis of Hair Loss and Hair Thinning
    • Holistic Combination Therapy
    • Proven Hair Loss Treatments
    • Prevention of Hair Loss
    • Scalp Treatments
    • Correction of Hair Growth Problems
    • Organic Hair Salon
    • Hair Care Advice
    • Upfront Quotations
    • 30 Day Return Policy on all Products
    • Hair Thinning Treatments



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    Absolique Hair Health Clinic use digital and microscopic tracking for ‘Client Comparisons’.

    Due to successful treatment and correction of hair loss, hair thinning and scalp concerns, over half of clients diagnosed no longer need our assistance past the first four months.

    Start Your Health Journey Here with Brisbane Hair Loss Specialist, Absolique Trichologist Brisbane


    Absolique Hair Health Clinic


    Carolyn Evans-Frost Trichologist

    Hair Health & Scalp Check with Brisbane Hair Loss Specialist, Trichologist Brisbane, Carolyn Evans-Frost

    Start your Hair Health journey here. Includes Consultation, Microscopic Diagnosis of Hair Loss, Hair Thinning, Hair Growth and Scalp Concerns, in-depth explanation of Natural Hair Loss Treatment options.

    Trichology Consultation

    Trichology Consultation

    Includes Consultation, Verbal Diagnosis of Hair Loss, Hair Thinning, and Scalp Concerns. Does not include Microscopic Diagnosis.

    womens hair loss

    Hair Loss Treatment for Women

    Individual and effective solutions for all types and levels of Women’s Hair Loss and Hair Thinning. Women’s Hair Loss is intrinsic, we understand how complex Women’s Hair Thinning can be.

    male hair loss treatment

    Hair Loss Treatment for Men

    Simple, affordable, effective, natural and holistic. Men’s Hair Thinning and Hair Loss Treatment are very different at Absolique.

    Scope Sessions

    Scope Sessions

    Exclusive microscopic tracking of Treatment for Hair Loss exclusive to Absolique Hair Health Clinic.

    laser hair treatment

    Laser Hair Loss Treatments

    Proven technology used only in combination therapy.


    absolique total hair and scalp services

    Total Hair & Scalp Care Services

    hair dressing services

    Hairdressing Services

    Trichology Consultation

    Hair Rebuilding Services

    oway hnectar @ absolique

    Colour Infusion and Hair Replumping

    oway @ absolique

    Hair Care Range by OWAY

    absolique scalp treatment services

    Absolique Scalp Treatment Services

    Hair Additions, Hair Extensions for Volume with Trichologist Brisbane services

    Hair Additions and Hair Replacement Services

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